Webinar Challenges in producing solid academic knowledge:  Youth testimonies from the field of public policy

The discussion will be held in both Arabic and English, with simultaneous interpretation available on Zoom only.

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Young academic researchers are exposed to multiple challenges when addressing the production of solid knowledge in their specialization. In addition to the scarcity of published data and available documents, it is becoming increasingly difficult to conduct field research in many MENA countries for security or political reasons. Translation and publishing operations in the Arabic language are also declining, and credible specialized journals are scarce, increasing the knowledge gap between readers in multiple languages and primarily arabophone academics. In addition, rules continue to emerge for confirmation and promotion in the academic field that require publication in Western scientific journals and periodicals with high rates of citation. Simultaneously, universities are increasingly withdrawing into themselves and moving away from interaction with the public sphere and its discussions, at the same time as civil society and its knowledge production are doing the same in relation to social, urban, environmental, and women's rights, as well as organizing the rights of the displaced.

This webinar seeks to explore testimonies from the new generation of academics about the nature of these challenges and the mechanisms for dealing with them in the last decade, with regard to the field of public policy research in the Arab region. It is held within the framework of the "Fostering Critical Policy Analysis" project.