Webinar Producing knowledge at times of crisis:  What is the role of an activist researcher?

The discussion will be held in both Arabic and English, with simultaneous interpretation available on Zoom only.

You can register to attend by following this link. You will receive a Zoom confirmation email should your registration be successful. Alternatively, you can watch the event live here on our Facebook page


The ability to understand, analyze, and interpret the world around us becomes paramount as we navigate through uncertain and challenging circumstances that affect both individuals and structures in which we are inscribed.

This webinar aims to unravel what it means to be an “activist researcher” interested in impacting public policies and debates in times of crisis and rupture.

It delves into the transformative power of critical inquiry and its role in shaping public discussions and debates, as well as its influence in shaping both our understanding of crises and proposing possible futures alternatives and imaginaries beyond them.