In collaboration with the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation, this project addresses the dual challenges of persistent armed conflicts and environmental degradation, aiming to unravel the complex interplay between these elements and their collective impact on displacement, food security, water scarcity, and public health in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The MENA Challenge

The MENA region's history is marred by conflicts, often intertwined with and exacerbated by environmental factors. These challenges have led to significant environmental damage, affecting the region's resilience to environmental disasters and hindering sustainable development efforts. ARI's project seeks to quantify these impacts, promote accountability for environmental degradation, and integrate environmental considerations into peacebuilding and transitional justice.

Strategic Objectives

This project is guided by strategic objectives designed to address the intricate conflict-climate-environment nexus:

  • Quantifying Environmental Impacts: Elevating understanding of how conflicts have directly and indirectly shaped the region's environment.
  • Promoting Accountability: Advocating for local and international responsibility for conflict-induced environmental degradation.
  • Integrating Environmental Considerations: Embedding environmental factors into post-conflict reconstruction, peacebuilding, and legal frameworks.

Core Activities

  • In-depth Research and Documentation: Undertaking comprehensive studies to explore the relationship between conflict and environmental degradation.
  • Expert Conferences and Workshops: Facilitating knowledge exchange through gatherings like the 2023 Beirut conference and the anticipated 2024 follow-up.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Mobilizing an interdisciplinary working group to synthesize diverse perspectives on addressing the nexus challenges.

Project Impact

This project underscores the urgency of addressing environmental degradation as both a cause and consequence of conflicts in the MENA region. By highlighting the interconnectedness of these issues, ARI & RBS aim to foster sustainable peacebuilding and development strategies that are informed by a deep understanding of the conflict-climate-environment nexus.
Through its commitment to research, dialogue, and collaborative action, ARI, with the backing of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation, aspires to lead the way in integrating environmental considerations into the fabric of peacebuilding and development efforts across the MENA region. This initiative not only seeks to enhance the resilience of affected communities but also to set a global precedent for addressing the environmental dimensions of conflict.

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