Wim Zwijnenburg

Project Leader Humanitarian Disarmament
Wim Zwijnenburg is a Humanitarian Disarmament Project Leader for the Dutch peace organisation PAX. His work focuses on emerging military technologies and their impact on how wars are being fought and consequences for arms proliferation. He works on the impact of conflict on the environment and received the UNEP/OCHA Green Star Award in 2017 for his work on environmental preparedness in emergencies and the 2023 Al Moumin Award on PAX work on environment and conflits. He undertakes research and training of local partners on environmental monitoring in conflict-affected areas and engages on international advocacy on environment, peace and security in international forums such as the UN Environment Assembly and the UN Security Council. He is a frequent contributor to the open-source investigative journalism collective Bellingcat, exploring identification and monitoring of environmental concerns with open-source information and remote sensing data. He holds a Masters in International Development Studies from the Radboud University Nijmegen.