Portraits of Syrian Women after the Earthquake

Disasters exacerbate gender inequality, but responses, unfortunately, often fail to take gendered approaches. We feature here the testimonies of ten Syrian women from northwest Syria, Damascus, the coast of Syria and Turkey. They are activists, politicians, journalists and volunteers on the ground and have been affected by the massive February 6, 2023, earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria.

This sheds light on their personal experiences in the aftermath of the earthquake, how women around them were affected and what they consider the most pressing priorities. This is a plea to ensure that gender-sensitive and inclusive responses are planned and implemented.

We are committed to providing a platform and raising the voices of Syrian women who are living a humanitarian crisis. Empowering women in disaster response is not only a moral imperative but also key to building a more resilient and sustainable future for all.

The experiences and priorities of women in disaster-affected communities must be at the forefront of any advocacy efforts aimed at creating a more just and equitable path to recovery.

We hope that our series will help us move one step closer to a world where everyone has a fair chance to rebuild and recover.