Hanin Ahmad

Syrian civil activist

I am a civil activist, trainer, facilitator, and researcher interested in Syrian public affairs. The geographical scope of my work on the ground covers all areas controlled by the Syrian government, but my peacebuilding activities include all of Syria.

After the earthquake, the real focus was on politics. I participated in issuing a humanitarian appeal with a group of activists. Then, with my organization, I issued civil and media statements to direct the media towards national coverage without discrimination between Syrians. I also worked to build a network of communication with all civilian responders on the ground to control and coordinate our work.

As a civil activist, I see the priorities today as follows:

  • Establishing a national response fund, subject to oversight and transparency from civil society institutions and organizations managed in particular by women
  • Organizing the response within a clear, approved, and participatory national plan that allows us to survey the needs of women and adolescent girls and taking them into account, especially in shelters and psychological community support centres,
  • Pressuring the international community to include women’s needs in all aid sent.
  • Giving more opportunities to organizations and initiatives run by women and working with all programmes across all organizations to respond to the needs of women in a systematic manner.

With the current trend toward psychosocial support, it is important that the trainings include a focus on the privacy of women in every city or region, their privacy as individuals, and respect for their bodies, clothes, customs, traditions, and needs, without superiority or guardianship.