Marwa Husseino

Volunteer, Syrian Civil Defense

I work at the Nahlia Center, and our women’s centers are spread across most of northwestern Syria. My usual scope of work is based on providing first aid within the center, providing home care outside the center, in addition to health awareness sessions, transferring patients with kidney failure to dialysis centers, and transferring cases that need medical care to hospitals.

I participated in the first post-earthquake search and rescue operation, and it was a different experience. I was afraid, not knowing what awaited me in the horror of the scene, when I saw people under the rubble, some of them alive and some of them dead. My colleagues and I went to the affected places and did our work.

I continue my tours of the emergency shelters with the White Helmets volunteers in order to house the earthquake survivors in northwest Syria and to offer medical care to the afflicted and the elderly.We work in very harsh winter weather conditions, and many suffer from colds and diseases that we do not have the necessary medicines to treat.

There are many priorities today. The extent of the material and moral damage in the north is unimaginable. If I wanted to mention the extreme necessities according to my work in civil defense, they would be as follows:

  • Providing shelter for those who have lost it.
  • While we are supporting northern Syria with medicines, we only have emergency medicines. The experiences of other countries with earthquakes, such as Haiti, suggest the possibility of the spread of infectious diseases such as cholera, bronchitis, and bronchitis, so it is important to provide medicines and medical disposables.
  • Focusing on women’s medical needs, we provide prenatal care, antenatal care, and postpartum care, and we only have pregnancy monitoring medicines in emergency situations.