Webinar The Conflict in Sudan: Between Personal Agendas and External Interventions

The discussion will be held in both Arabic and English, with simultaneous interpretation available on Zoom only.

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The war in Sudan, which has been ongoing since 15 April, is primarily driven by the personal agendas of Burhan and Hemedti. The two generals are seeking to obtain absolute power and eliminate each other's influence. Over the years, both were able to peacefully negotiate their conflicting ambitions, before their interests reached a point of no return, compelling them to initiate a war for survival, with no room for negotiation, ceasefire, or retreat.

Despite the evident personal motives behind this conflict, the October 2021 coup, the external interventions from multiple countries, and the presence of agents associated with the former Al-Bashir regime have all played significant parts in fueling the war and accelerating its outbreak. These factors may also hinder any potential future solutions to end the conflict.

This webinar will discuss the agendas behind the war and local perspectives on pathways for potential peacebuilding.