Khalid Othman El-Fil

Researcher in development studies and political economy

Khalid Othman El-Fil is a researcher in political economy, finance and development studies. He holds a master’s degree in development studies with a specialization in political economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has published many studies in peer-reviewed periodicals, in addition to a number of research and analytical reports on the Sudanese economy. Among his recent publications is “Islamic Finance as a Negotiating Force for the Poor and a Catalyst for Cooperatives” in collaboration with Hassan Al-Saqqaf and Ahmed Ombo (2021). He has also contributed to writing, coordinating, and editing a number of guidebooks, including “An Introductory Introduction to Trade Unions and Cooperatives in the Formal and Unofficial Sectors in Sudan.” (2020) and “A Guide for Sudan Students” (2018).