Supporting Arab Women at the Table (SAWT) Fellowship

The Supporting Arab Women at the Table (SAWT) Regional Fellowship Program aims to bring together women advocates of gender inclusive peace and security policies in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, and Iraq. It provides learning and networking opportunities and supports leading roles that women activists and advocates are playing, thus growing the tables for dialogue to be more inclusive of women and women’s rights. Moreover, it provides platforms for activists and leaders from different sectors to share experiences and contribute to collective mobilizing for a more inclusive peace and security agenda.

The Fellowship Program objectives are as follows:

  • Equip women with the tools and leadership skills needed to advance an inclusive peace and security agenda.
  • Establish a network of advocates from different areas of expertise who can lobby for more inclusive peace and security platforms.
  • Create tables for dialogue and circles of influence that cut across generations, geographical boundaries, and disciplines focused on an inclusive peace and security agenda.
  • Challenge existing peace and security platforms that exclude women’s voices and that are not representative of the lived experiences of women.
  • Position women as leaders who can influence peace and security through their personal narratives and experiences.
  • Mobilize multi-sector national and transnational coalitions of women’s groups and allies to promote an inclusive vision for peace and security.
  • Connect women from the region with institutions and actors in the EU and internationally to advance inclusive policies for peace and security.