ARI recognizes the role of civil society as valuable actors in realizing political and social change in MENA. Indeed, many of our papers point to the strength of civil society innovation, and we seek to continue supporting efforts of these groups throughout MENA in order to achieve more inclusive policymaking. Since 2011, social movements and civil society groups have continued to innovate in their forms and models of organization and decision-making; their strategic approaches and methods of work and outreach; and their framing of issues and constituency-building.  Drawing on these post-2011 innovations from groups all over the region including Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt, we aim to consolidate these new forms of social mobilization by working with these civil society groups in order to better understand how they operate and engage MENA populations, as well as analyse how their collective organizing represents the political ambitions of the region’s populations in a wider sense. Through this collaboration, we also address endogenous threats to their longevity, effectiveness, and ability to sustain long term impact, as well as assist in identifying good practices that will allow these actors to better achieve their mission and sustainability over the medium-term.

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