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Series # 5
Environmental Jalsa

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  • Episode 1 - 
    War and Environment

    What does war do to the environment and why should everyone care about it, these are the questions our guests, Mais Katt and Khaled Suleiman, answered in this episode hosted by Sarine Karajerjian.

  • Episode 2 - 

    Is ecofeminism a thing in the Arab region? What does it look like? To answer these questions, we invited Deema Qaedbey and Ouafa Haddioui.

  • Episode 3 - 
    Class and Environment

    How do the bourgeois empty ecology from its radical potential in the Arab World? Hamza Hamouchene and Amna Terras Sakhraji tell us about this in this episode.

  • Episode 4 - 
    Democracy and Environment

    Can there be an ecological transition without democracy? Laury Haytayan and Sahar Mohamed delve in this question for this fourth episode.

  • Episode 5 - 
    Colonialism and land

    What does colonialism, past and present, do to our lands? Aymen Amayed and Sarah Salloum tell us the story of colonialism as an agricultural project in the region.

  • Episode 6 - 
    Documentary 1: How did the residents of Sidi Hassine become environmental activists?

    Imagine two million people’s waste thrown in your backyard, polluting your air and land with no end in sight, in a landfill who should have closed more than a decade ago. This is what the inhabitants of the Sidi Hassine, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Tunis live through and they are fighting to put an end to it.

    Interviews conducted by Malek Lakhal and Maha Bouhlel

    Editing by Bochra Triki

    Mixing : Light FM (Lebanon)

  • Episode 7 - 
    Documentary 2: Fighting for the pink flamingos rights to stay in the city

    Every year, pink flamingos come to Tunis’s wetland to spend the winter and reproduce in the multiple wetlands surrounding. Yet their wetlands are threatened by the expansion of the city. We meet two advocates for flamingo’s rights to their wetlands in the city.

    Interviews conducted by Malek Lakhal

    Editing by Bochra Triki

    Mixing : Light FM (Lebanon)

  • Episode 8 - 
    Documentary 3: Being an environmentalist in Lebanon today

    What does caring for the environment mean in Lebanon today when the State is merely a ghost and the country has been in crisis for years? Who fights and why? Meet two environmental activists in Lebanon fighting for the right of animals and for the right to water.

    Interviews conducted by Sarine Karajerjian and Julia Choucair Vizoso

    Editing by Bochra Triki

    Mixing : Light FM (Lebanon)


"Environmental Jalsa," a podcast series prepared and hosted by Research Fellow, Malek Lakhal, delves into the complex environmental issues in the Middle East and North Africa region. Each episode highlights vital environmental topics, ranging from the impact of wars on the environment to the growth of the ecofeminist movement, and the relationship between environmental activism, social class, and democracy. With guests including activists, journalists, and scholars, the podcast offers deep insights into important issues that are often overlooked. It explores the devastating landscapes of war, the role of ecofeminism in the Arab context, and the possibility of ecological transition under various governance systems. "Environmental Jalsa" consists of 5 "talk-show-like" episodes and is under ARI's Environmental Politics Program umbrella.

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