Webinar COP27:  What's at stake for regional climate activists?

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The Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is coming back to the Middle East this November for the COP27 in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el Sheikh.

Multiple items are on the agenda, including the ever present issue of forming strategies to eventually reach net zero, how to unlock and make use of climate finance and assistance, and perhaps even the perennial issue of climate reparations. The Middle East and Africa can arguably be considered to be the regions that are the most vulnerable to the ongoing climate emergency, meaning that this COP is a unique opportunity to have some important and pressing conversations about how Middle Eastern and African countries can work together to find common solutions.

The Environmental Politics Program's sixth webinar convenes activists, researchers, and practitioners on the frontlines of environmental and climate action in MENA to discuss and debate all the aforementioned issues and questions marking this COP. This webinar’s speakers will offer their perspectives on their participation at COP27 by answering questions such as:

  • How could the COP27 be a platform to touch on the very pressing issues surrounding the climate emergency, and more importantly how could it be a space to re-assess the importance of climate finance and of climate reparations?
  • How could Arab and African countries better cooperate together to get their demands heard in the West?
  • Who are activists partnering with in the region?
  • What are their perspectives vis-a vis the COP27?
  • What are the demands of civil society groups and how do they mobilize in the current context of the region?
  • What are the climate finance mechanisms that you think will be beneficial for the region? Who will benefit from these?