Day of Dialogue on Inclusive Peace and Women’s Political Representation:   With Women Activists from Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Palestine
Conference Report
25 December 2023
Webinar Summary:  Documenting the Impact of Armed Conflicts on the Environment in the Middle East
Conference Report
4 January 2023
The COP27:  What’s at stake for activists, climate finance, and loss and damage? — Arab Reform Initiative
Conference Report
11 November 2022
#Environment#MENA#Social Justice
Libyan Civil Society and Youth Programming:  Promoting Economic, Political, and Social Integration - Policy Dialogue Report — Arab Reform Initiative
Conference Report
17 November 2021
Assessing What Meaningful Syrian Youth Inclusion in Peacebuilding Looks Like in Practice:  Policy Dialogue Report — Arab Reform Initiative
Conference Report
5 November 2021
Youth Employment and Livelihood in Syria:  Assessing the Impact of Conflict and Preparing for Recovery
Conference Report
9 August 2021
Arab Reform Initiative - What Decentralization Model for Future Syria?
Transitioning to Decentralized Governance:   Regional Experiences for a Syrian Model — Arab Reform Initiative
Conference Report
4 April 2019
Arab Reform Initiative - Europe’s Border: Local Power and Democratic Consolidation in Tunisia
Europe’s Border:  Local Power and Democratic Consolidation in Tunisia — Álvaro Vasconcelos
Conference Report
10 November 2016
Arab Reform Initiative - ARI 10th Anniversary Conference Report
ARI 10th Anniversary Conference Report — Arab Reform Initiative
Conference Report
10 February 2016