In the spotlight

April 2014, Michael Robbins
A recent analysis of three public opinion surveys conducted as part of the Arab Barometer from 2006 to 2013 reveals that only a minority of citizens have positive evaluations of the government or the state of democracy in their country.
April 2014
Amnesty is necessary to end a conflict. Syria will not break this norm. Experience of successful transitions elsewhere shows that it is possible to develop an amnesty program as part of a process for achieving peace without sacrificing accountability.
February 2013, Jafar Alshayeb
Religious diversity has been an issue in Saudi Arabia since the establishment of state, given the country’s sectarian diversity with up to seven Islamic confessional and doctrinal schools present in its territory.
September 2012, Tewfick Aclimandos
This paper attempts to show that drawing up a list of the problems and suggested solutions is necessary but not sufficient and to bring in some maxims from other experiences. I hope this paper would start a constructive foundational debate.
September 2012, Haydar Ibrahim Ali
Discussions among the Sudanese about diversity diminished since the separation. Despite their pretended happiness, separatists in the North and South were very shocked by the separation and, today, none of them has the answer to the key question of “what comes next?”
October 2012, Derek Lutterbeck
Security sector reform (SSR) is a key concern in the current transformations which are sweeping across much of the Arab world.