2nd Environmental Conference | Welcome & Introductions + Panel 1: Just Transition, a Framework for Coalition-Building in MENA?

Welcome & Introductions

- Nadim Houry, Executive Director, Arab Reform Initiative

- Sarine Karajerjian, Program Director of Environmental Politics, Arab Reform Initiative


PANEL 1 | Just Transition, a Framework for Coalition-Building in MENA?

Since the concept of Just Transition first emerged in the 1970s, a growing number of projects around the world have emerged to build alliances between labor movements and disparate social and environmental justice movements and organizations – as well as to argue that addressing environmental catastrophe in isolation from social and economic structures are false solutions. What can the experiences of struggles around the world teach us? And what can the different Arab contexts contribute to the global discussion? To what extent is Just Transition a unifying framework for activism in MENA? What are the possibilities and limitations in the regional context? What are current and potential trans-movement and transregional solidarities?

- Ali Aznague, Coordinator, Siyada North African Food Sovereignty Network

- Farah Daibes, Senior Program Manager, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s Political Feminism Program (MENA)

- Katie Sandwell, Senior Project Officer, Agrarian and Environmental Justice Program, Transnational Institute

- Sarmad Amjad, Transformative Justice Project Coordinator and International Organization representative in Iraq


Moderated by Julia Choucair Vizoso, ARI Non-Resident Fellow (Environment)