2nd Environmental Conference | Panel 5 - Just Energy Transitions: Moving away from fossil fuels in North Africa

North Africa is a region with significant potential for the expansion of renewable energy sources. As we see a surge in renewable energy projects, critics and residents of the lands where these projects are sited worry they might reproduce the economic and political inequalities inherent in fossil fuel extraction. What are the current and expected material impacts of renewable energy projects in North Africa? Who is most affected and how? What does working towards a just energy transition entail?

- Aida Delpuech, Freelance journalist

- Atman Aoui, President of the Association for Mediation, Morocco

- Ilyes Ben Ammar, Member of the Working Group on Energy Democratization

- Rabie Wahba, Regional Coordinator, International Land Coalition


Moderated by Malek Lakhal, ARI Research Fellow (Tunis)