2nd Environmental Conference | Panel 3: Towards Just Agricultural Transitions and Food Sovereignty in MENA

The agricultural sector has transformed in MENA in the past decades, with agricultural workers and rural communities becoming more impoverished while the goal of food sovereignty is more distant than ever. What are the sustainable alternatives to the current regional food systems? What does shifting the framework from food security to food sovereignty entail? How can the region rewrite its food policies? What can we learn from existing but marginalized alternatives at the local level?

- Medani Abbas Medani, Director, Sudanese Development Call “Nidaa”

- Nada Trigui, Member, Tunisian Observatory of Economy (OTE)

- Omar Tesdell, Assistant Professor of Geography, Birzeit University

- Rami Zurayk, Professor of Ecosystem Management, American University of Beirut


Moderated by Farah Al-Shami, ARI Research Fellow (Beirut)