Skipping the Arab Spring? The Arab Barometer Surveys a Changing Algeria

A recent analysis of three public opinion surveys conducted as part of the Arab Barometer from 2006 to 2013 reveals that only a minority of citizens have positive evaluations of the government or the state of democracy in their country. Yet, in the years since the beginning of the Arab spring, the overall trend is one of increasing satisfaction with living conditions. This latest paper from the Arab Barometer highlights changing Algerian opinion on multiple issues, including the preferred pace of political change, the role for religion in politics, the state of the economy and the government’s record in protecting basic rights.

The Arab Barometer uses in-depth public opinion surveys to track attitudes in Arab countries with respect to pluralism, freedom, conceptions of governance and democracy, civic and political participation, social and religious values. Survey waves were carried out in 2006-08 and in 2010-11. This third wave, conducted in 2013, puts in perspective deep trends beyond the turbulence of daily events. More information is available at

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