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Series # 1
Navigating Conflict: Youth in a Time of War

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  • Episode 1 - 
    In peace and without fear

    This episode connects Belqis from Raqqa with Hassan from Libya. Belqis saw in education a way out of tribe and family influences and shares her plans to set up a music school as a trigger for peace. Hassan refused to take up arms in his militia-rife city to pursue his dreams to build his life; he works in human rights to push for peace and justice and to have his language as a minority recognized in Libya’s new constitution. Both Belqis and Hassan exchange gripping accounts of their aspirations and the part uncertainty takes in how they see their lives moving forward.

  • Episode 2 - 
    War changed their plans, not their determination

    This episode connects Majd from Syria with Alaa from Libya. They share the fears they had about what the war could do to their lives as young students with different political involvements. Their education violently interrupted and living in repressive war-torn environments, they both decided to volunteer in education and medical assistance, seizing the only opportunities war left them to continue to support their communities and take control of the trajectories of their lives. They exchange with each other their determination to overcome the worst to fulfil their plans.

  • Episode 3 - 
    Youth: We are the big losers of the revolution

    This episode connects Afraa from Sabha in Libya with Ali from Daraa in Syria. They talk about their opposing positions regarding the 2011 uprisings and how the revolutions created certain opportunities for freedom and civil society. They also discuss how war has cost them family, friends, and their future. They exchange about their love for their countries and the great shadow the unknown casts on their plans.

  • Episode 4 - 
    Lives marked by wars… and much stronger dreams

    This episode connects Amani from Wasset, Iraq with Loubna from Tripoli, Libya. They describe how wars marked their lives and pushed them to question whether their countries really deserve them. They both have come out stronger and committed to their aspirations to serve their communities and challenge violence in order to lead and influence the path to peace and positive reform.

  • Episode 5 - 
    Peace: Ending deprivation in our societies

    This episode connects Nour from Baghdad in Iraq with Mohammed from Tripoli in Libya. They exchange about the simple elements that make peace meaningful. Although their respective countries are dominated by dictators, religious leaders and armed violence, they talk about the role of youth to increase awareness about a peaceful way to rebuild their societies.


What happens when you become an adult in a context of conflict? How does it affect your choices, your options, your ambitions? In a series of frank conversations between youth in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, we hear directly from them about how war affected their plans, how they have navigated their daily lives in the context of conflict and their aspirations for their futures.

Each episode has two youth discussing how they are living through the conflict, how they see their future moving forward, and what strategies they have found to rekindle hope in their lives.