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Jalsa | جلسة

Navigating Conflict: Youth in a Time of War
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  • Episode 1 - In peace and without fear27:02
  • Episode 2 - War changed their plans, not their determination25:33
  • Episode 3 - Youth: We are the big losers of the revolution26:46
  • Episode 4 - Lives marked by wars… and much stronger dreams38:01
  • Episode 5 - Peace: Ending deprivation in our societies26:52

Jalsa | جلسة is a multi-series podcast production by the Arab Reform Initiative. It brings together diverse voices for conversations that matter on topics facing the MENA region. We will be covering issues ranging from environmental politics to alternative economies, women and youth as political actors, the realities of field research in crisis situations, and much more. We will be speaking to key agents of change in the region about their experiences, their stories of hope and frustration as they try to navigate contexts of transition in their specific domains.

We launch Jalsa | جلسة with a unique series of conversations where young women and men from countries that are in war (Syria, Iraq, Libya) delve into their personal experiences and open up to each other about their expectations, fears, and aspirations as they try to move out of the conflict and exert agency over their lives.

Series # 1: Navigating Conflict: Youth in a Time of War
What happens when you become an adult in a context of conflict? How does it affect your choices, your options, your ambitions? In a series of frank conversations between youth in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, we hear directly from them about how war affected their plans, how they have navigated their daily lives in the context of conflict and their aspirations for their futures.

Released weekly, each episode has two youth discussing how they are living through the conflict, how they see their future moving forward, and what strategies they have found to rekindle hope in their lives.