People - Suzanne Abdul-Reda Abourjeili

Suzanne Abdul-Reda Abourjeili

Faculty member, Faculty of Education - Lebanese University

Susan Abdul-Reda Abourjeili is a professor at the Faculty of Education, Lebanese University. She specializes in educational sociology, and her research interests are focused on the school atmosphere and educational change. She has worked as an educational expert with several organizations and institutions, including the “My Study” project, the Social Movement, Carnegie Middle East Center, World Bank, and the Educational Center for Research and Development.

She has written a book on higher education and the labour market and has also edited several articles. She participates in conferences on educational reform in Lebanon, teacher training policies, and the contribution of procedural research to the development of schools. As the coordinator of the research team on “Educational reform in Lebanon” at the Faculty of Education at the Lebanese University, she recently wrote a book entitled “Educational Reform in Lebanon and its Contribution to the Professional Training of Educational Teams in Lebanon.” She is currently the head of the Lebanese ِِِِِِِِِِAssociation for Educational Studies.