Shady Khalil

Co-Founder, Greenish (Egypt)

Shady Khalil  co-founded Greenish, a social enterprise focused on educating communities about the environment and empowering them to develop solutions for their most pressing environmental challenges. Greenish core values focus on collaboration with the goal of building an environmental movement in Egypt and the MENA, which is why all Greenish manuals, databases, market scans, and research are open source. Greenish has also co-founded the first environmental coalition in Egypt to advocate for a single use plastic ban for more than 30 environmental organizations. Greenish has co-founded VeryNile which is the first project focused on cleaning the River Nile of plastics by community volunteers and transforming it into products. VeryNile has so far incubated thousands of volunteers and managed to remove 40 tons of plastic off the Nile in less than a year.

Shady is also a theatre director, integrating theatre techniques in facilitating 70+ workshops around Egypt on environmental awareness, gender equality, and civic engagement.