Sami Halabi

Director of Knowledge at Triangle

Sami Halabi is Triangle’s Director of Knowledge, a researcher and media expert with extensive economic, qualitative and quantitative research training and expertise. At Triangle, Sami manages the firm’s operations and provides oversight and quality assurance to all projects. He has over a decade of experience leading evaluation and research projects across multiple geographies, specifically in West Asia and North Africa. Sami has led projects for clients such as the European Union, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP, UNRWA, and UNICEF, WFP, UNESCWA, the ILO, ICRC, Save the Children, Oxfam, DRC and many others. Previous to Triangle, Sami had a long career in policy journalism with media outlets such as France24 and the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation. He holds a Masters degree in Public Policy with Distinction from The University of Edinburgh.