Saloua Zerhouni

Professor of Political Science at Mohamed V University in Rabat

Saloua Zerhouni holds a PhD in political science from Hassan II University in Casablanca. She is currently an associate professor at Mohammed V University in Rabat where she was vice-dean for scientific research and cooperation. She has taught in several universities and grandes écoles such as the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in the United States and Sciences Po Bordeaux in France. Between 2001 and 2003, she worked as an associate researcher at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin (SWP) where she contributed to a study on “Elite Change in the Arab World”. Previously, as part of a Fulbright scholarship, she was visiting researcher at Georgetown University, USA. Zerhouni has publications on Moroccan elites, democratization and its limits, the Moroccan parliament, elections, Islamist parties, youth and political participation. She is co-editor with Ellen Lust-Okar of a book on “Political Participation in the Middle East” (Lynn Reiners, 2008). Saloua Zerhouni is a president of the Moroccan think-tank Rabat Social Studies Institute (RSSI).