Nouri Dris

Algerian researcher and lecturer in sociology at Setif University
Arab Reform Initiative Team

Nouri Dris is a researcher and lecturer in sociology at the University of Lamine Dabbaghine (Setif / Algeria), a member of the Arab Council for Social Sciences (Beirut), and a researcher in the laboratory of contemporary Algerian society. He is interested in studying the transformations of Algerian society in particular and the impact of the rentier economy on the process of democratization in the Arab region in general. He wrote his doctoral thesis on: “Rentier practices, political clientelism, and the problematic of civil society in contemporary Algeria” (2016). He has published several articles, the most important of which are: “Political violence in contemporary Algeria: from populist ideology to Islamist utopia: analytical elements in non-secularized historical contexts” (Amran Issue No. 14/2015), “Civil society in contemporary Algeria: a political economy for an incomplete democratic transition experience” (Arab Politics, Issue 19, 2016). He has participated in several collective books, including “Violence and Politics in Contemporary Arab Societies. Sociological Approaches and Cases” (Arab Research Center, Beirut 2017), and the collective “The Army and Politics in the Stages of Democratic Transition.” (Arab Research Center, 2019. Doha. )