Mohamed Haddad

Consultant in public policy assessment and implementation
Arab Reform Initiative Team

Mohamed Haddad is a consultant in public policy assessment and implementation with a strong background in communication and journalism. For several years he worked as a foreign media correspondent for major news outlets like the English-speaking Reuters TV, the French-speaking Agence France-Presse, and Le Monde. Based in Tunis with a regional scope, he covered not only the wars in Libya and Syria, the revolutionary process, elections, and social movements, but also the constitutional debates and struggles for freedom and fundamental rights. Believing in the transformational power of sharing knowledge and building networks throughout the MENA region, he trained colleagues from Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, and Morocco as a senior trainer for German and French media cooperation agencies. He covered several topics including conflict-sensitive reporting and local or national elections. In 2015, he co-founded Research Media – Barr Al Aman, an NGO, based in Tunisia whose mission is to create bridges between academic research and journalism. Over the last year, he has been a Course Coach at the Havard Kennedy School focusing on international political economy, China, Africa, and the EU. I have also dedicated my time to the Arab Caucus as a co-chair and cofounded the Tunisia caucus.