Khoder Eid

Founder, Green Track (Lebanon)

Following his studies in Management of Sustainable Innovation and Finance, Khoder found himself pursuing a dream of a green social enterprise capable of promoting sorting at source while building social cohesion in unprivileged areas of Tripoli. His startup, Green Track, features a squad of “Green Women” going door-to-door to create awareness about waste management in sustainable way, sorting and recycling in the first 5000 HHsof his neighborhood – Jabal Mohsen – and a team of “Green Men” who collect the recyclables and bring them to the allocated factories.
Since the success of the trial, Green Track has expanded regularly and is leading in the field of citizen-led sorting and recycling initiatives. The idea is to spread the project to the rest of Tripoli, especially Bab El Tebbaneh. The two neighborhoods which are regularly at war will socialize over trash problem solving.

In 2021, Green Track aimed to create clubs for waste management that support local communities and authorities to implement sorting at source projects, and developing a new methodology for a sustainable waste management system in Lebanon.