Hind Ftouhi

Hassan II Veterinary and Agronomic Institute

Hind Ftouhi is an agronomic engineer from the National School of Agriculture in Meknès and a doctor in rural sociology from the Hassan II Veterinary and Agronomic Institute, Morocco (2021). Throughout her research, she has focused on the role of the rural youth in processes of agrarian and terrotorial change in Morocco. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the DUPC2 “Water intensive agricultural growth project in North Africa: changing gendered farm identities and practices” and T2GS “Transformation to groundwater sustainability” projects, where she is interested in the social and environmental impacts of agriculture which is based on the intensive use of subsoil waters in oasis zones in Morocco. She also coordinates the project “Farming in times of crises : experiences, responses and needs of smallholder farmers during the COVID19 pandemic” in Morocco, Algeria, and India.