Webinar What Role for France in Lebanon?  What Happens Now after Macron’s Second Visit?

TIME: 15:00 - 16:00 (Paris Time)

In this webinar, part of our new “Re-imagining Lebanon” webinar series, Ziad Majed and Jean-Pierre Filiu will discuss  France’s role in Lebanon and whether Macron can help Lebanon transition to a “new political contract” as he had stated back on his first visit. After the appointment of a new Prime Minister, what happens next? Will France be able to maintain pressure to achieve real change or will its ultimate ambitions be limited to a few superficial changes?

You can register to attend by following this link. You will receive a Zoom confirmation email should your registration be successful. Alternatively, you can watch the event live on our Facebook page.

The webinar will be in French. No translation available.