Webinar Waste Management Governance in Lebanon and Potential Reform

The discussion will be held in both Arabic and English, with simultaneous interpretation of both languages available on Zoom only.

You can register to attend by following this link. You will receive a Zoom confirmation email should your registration be successful. Alternatively, you can watch the event live here on our Facebook page.


The solid waste sector has persistently exhibited the failures of governance and reform in Lebanon, reaching a pinnacle in 2015 with garbage piling up in the streets following the closure of the Na’ameh landfill. The lack of an integrated solid waste management strategy at the national level has allowed the problem to continue, despite small scale interventions by NGOs and municipalities at the local level. The dysfunctionality of the sector has been protected by elite capture, clientelism and corruption, all of which have prevented grassroots advocacy from being adopted at the national level.

Alongside our speakers, researcher Cynthia Kreidy, Minister of Environment Dr Nasser Yassin, and researcher Dr Amani Maalouf, this webinar will aim at unpacking the policies and governance structures of the solid waste ecosystem in Lebanon.

Looking at the structures dominating the solid waste sector, the most recent national strategy to address the solid waste crisis, and providing a comparative study of decision-making in Lebanon and solid waste management at the international level, the webinar seeks to map out Lebanon’s experience in solid waste governance, the challenges faced and the potential for much-needed reform.