The Gulf Studies Center’s sixth annual conference on "Reform and Democratic Transformation"

The Gulf Studies Center organised in Sharjah on May 9th, the sixth annual conference on “Reform and Democratic Transformation”. The programme of the conference was divided into six working sessions, where scholars from various Arab regions participated. In the opening session, Dr. Abdallah OmranTarim, president of the administrative board of “Dar el Khaleej” for press and printing, said “we constitute the region most exposed to occupations, and yet we can reach a minimum of unity between us. He assured that reforms cannot be achieved by an official order; it is a general process that must be conducted with the joint efforts of official institutions and civil society. Reforms are as well needed in the political and economic institutions and laws, as it is for social issues, and cultural and intellectual institutions, since all fields are linked. The process will not be launched for one field and not another.