Eminent Figures of Syrian Diaspora Launch Civil Initiative

On 13 April 2018, a group of eminent figures of the Syrian diaspora, women and men, launched Global Syria, a civil initiative that includes representatives from all facets of Syrian society whose main objective is to reach out to and open opportunities for all Syrians wherever they live inside and outside the country.

While the world is busy tackling the knots and tangles of the complex wars happening on Syrian soil, Global Syria will zero in on unraveling the rope off the Syrian citizen’s neck and bring air to the chocking disfranchised Syrian communities, to begin the thousand mile road of recovery with steps taken against all odds, in the hope that our little success may spread, show the way and win the trust and hearts before the minds and ideologies of all Syrians.

Global Syria is a Syrian-owned, Syrian-led, independent, non-ideological endeavor.  Its members are committed to organize and empower Syrians inside the homeland and in the diaspora globally.  Building on their shared values, they believe that the first step for this consortium is to gather the Syrian diaspora around a common belief in democracy, citizenship, accountability and social justice.  They vow to work together and use their skills, their connections, their time and money to fulfill this commitment. They seek to act independently from non-Syrian agendas, and to equip the consortium with the needed leverage to enable positive change for Syria and Syrians. Global Syria’s immediate plan is to connect Syrian skills, projects and money. It is to create the necessary conditions to build an impactful diaspora through “connectivity” and “ethics”, always prioritizing integrity and transparency in their actions.

The Syrian diaspora is estimated at more than 20 million people throughout the world formed over several generations.  Millions of talents from different professional backgrounds are willing to engage and contribute to the social and economic betterment of a now globalized nation.

We will put forward recommendations and policies for actors involved in Syria. We will work with partners who recognize and respect the rights of all Syrians, work with total impartiality and apply effective practices to ensure transparency and integrity. Our compass will be the key United Nations resolutions. They speak of a legitimate inclusive governance system and sound public institutions.

Global Syria Forum will be organized every year. In the meantime, the consortium will start immediately its activities by creating a dedicated digital platform to enable the global community of Syrians to connect. They will be able to find resources, identify individual talents, and move on to set up their own initiatives.

A Code of Ethics expresses the nature of this group as a network of like-minded individuals committed to building relations based on trust. It expresses a shared vision of the principles that will guide their work. The Code of Ethics sets very clearly the priorities: a democratic Syria with inclusive governance, able to define independently its national interest, respectful of diversity, and promoting public integrity.  Above all, the group shares a pure love for Syria and a determination and full commitment to improving the lives of its people. We will work to unlock the potential of Syrian civil society to do what needs to be done in Syria to build the society we all dream about and deserve.