Webinar COP28:  The Voices and Demands of Youth Advocates

The discussion will be held in both Arabic and English, with interpretation available on Zoom only.

You can register to attend by following this link. You will receive a Zoom confirmation email should your registration be successful. Alternatively, you can watch the event live here on our Facebook page.

This joint webinar, in partnership with OXFAM Mena, seeks to address a critical gap in global climate dialogues - the underrepresentation of voices from the global south, particularly those directly impacted by the climate crisis. There is a growing consensus that UN climate change conferences must evolve into more equitable and inclusive platforms. The narratives and experiences of those most affected are not just supplementary; they are essential and deserve to be at the forefront of our discussions.

In line with this, our webinar will spotlight the dynamic role of young climate activists from the MENA region. Their voices and perspectives will be the focal point, underscoring the urgency of climate action for future generations and the importance of intergenerational collaboration in this global fight.

Questions our expert speakers will be answering:

  • What role can youth activists assume within the COP framework, and what steps can be taken to enhance their involvement in key negotiations?
  • What challenges hinder youth participation in climate summits, and how have some sought to influence or redirect the youth climate movement?
  • How does the upcoming summit in the UAE build upon the outcomes of the previous COP in Egypt, particularly regarding its impact on crisis-affected countries and the equitable distribution of climate finance?
  • In light of ongoing regional crises, what are the obstacles facing youth activists in their efforts to engage in significant summits like the COP?