#WhatIsJustTransition is an on-going campaign under the Just Transition Green Bridge Project, funded by the European Commission in partnership with the Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis (MIPA) and Alternative Policy Solutions at the American University of Cairo (APS).

#WhatIsJustTransition campaign aims to foster greater understanding and stimulate discussion about the transition to greener economies. This transition is not only about environmental sustainability but also ensuring fairness and inclusivity in the process, hence the term 'just transition'.

Through the campaign, we are utilizing various social media platforms to raise awareness on the concept of a 'just transition'. We are leveraging a variety of content forms like interactive graphics, informative webinars, and inspiring stories of successful environmental transitions from around the world.

Our partnership with MIPA and APS is critical in extending the reach of this campaign.

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#WhatIsJustTransition #WhatIsJustTransition #JETMENA #GreenBridgeProject

You can also download the campaign graphics here: [INSERT LINK]