The “In-Betweenness” of the Libyan Diaspora: Everyday Nationalism, Resistance, and Active Engagement


In this webinar, the third in our series “The New Arab Diasporas,” Alice Alunni and Houda Mzioudet will discuss the different patterns of mobilization and the liminality of the Libyan diaspora and how these are affected by spatial location, temporality, and the pressures of globalization. How have mobilization and everyday nationalism affected the sense of belonging to the Libyan nation? What factors explain the difference in mobilization between diasporic Libyans in North America and Western Europe vs. the exiled community in Tunisia? And what has been the social and political impact of mobilization on the conflict?


  • Alice Alunni, Researcher at Durham University
  • Houda Mzioudet, Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York


  • Sarah Anne Rennick, Deputy Director, Arab Reform Initiative