Research Fellow – Algeria (part time)

Start date: as soon as possible

Duration: 2 years

Part-time position (33%-50%)

Reference: ARF - EMBRACE

Deadline: 27 March 2023


The Arab Reform Initiative (ARI), is looking to hire a Research Fellow specialized on Algerian politics and contemporary affairs, with a strong focus on how European policies have interacted/affected political processes in Algeria. The Research Fellow should have a proven track record of knowledge production related to democratization issues and authoritarian resilience in Algeria.

The Research Fellow will be a key member of the ARI team within the Horizon Europe project EMBRACE: EMBRACing changE: Overcoming obstacles and advancing democracy in the European Neighbourhood. EMBRACE analyses blockages to democratisation in the European neighbourhood, identifies ways to overcome them and suggests new policy tools for EU democracy promotion (EUDP). EMBRACE investigates episodes of political deadlock and opening to identify, analyse and explain behavioural, institutional and structural blockages, and the conditions under which they can be overcome. The project investigates episodes of deadlock and opening from 12 selected countries in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, Western Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East. The project is carried out by a consortium of 12 institutions.

ARI is a policy research center whose key mission is to articulate a home-grown agenda for democratic change as well as social and environmental justice in Arab countries. We operate on the principles of impartiality, gender equality, and diversity and maintain a strict line of independence from any external agendas. We conduct policy analysis and innovative field research, combine scholarly work and advocacy, and produce practical intellectual tools to strengthen practices of active citizenship and influence political transformation processes. We also empower research from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by providing an international platform for dissemination. ARI engages academic researchers, think tanks, social movements, civil society actors, decision-makers, media, and the public on issues of democratization, social justice and full citizenship. ARI works in partnership with regional and international institutions to promote sustained South-South and South-to-North exchanges and dialogues related to reform initiatives across the region. ARI has offices in Paris, Beirut and Tunis.

Role of the Research Fellow

The Research Fellow will be expected to participate in conducting original research, carrying out interviews with key stakeholders, and conducting field work. Given the security situation in Algeria, the fieldwork may take place with locations of the Algerian diaspora and interviews may be conducted online. The Research Fellow will be expected to produce internal reports on several different Work Packages within EMBRACE. This includes:

  • Research on Economic Modernisation/Hegemonic Reassertion
  • Conduct research investigating episodes of conflict amongst political/economic elites over economic reform/modernisation, and how the discursive manner in which the instances of reform were managed actually led to authoritarian reconsolidation. This includes the selection of episodes of economic reform and authoritarian reassertion.
  • Carry out semi-structured interviews with Algerian political and business elites and interviews with relevant civil society representatives.
  • Review official EU documents and conduct interviews with EU officials on the economic incentives/sanctions that are deployed as part of EU democratization policy in Algeria.
  • Delivery of a final report analyzing research results.
  • Research on Peacebuilding and Democratisation
  • Conduct research exploring blockages to sustaining peace in Algeria (in the aftermath of the civil war AND/OR after the Hirak); and the relationship between sustaining peace and democratisation processes in Algeria.
  • Produce a literature review regarding cycles of conflict in Algeria, and the extent to which peacebuilding and democratization are linked
  • Conduct semi-structured interviews with regional, state and elite actors, and focus group discussions with civil society organisations to investigate in which areas and through which factors or strategies democratization and peacebuilding have been obstructed by elites and authoritarian actors.
  • Delivery of a final report analyzing research results.
  • Research Assistance on Configurations for Democratic Policy Shifts after Popular Uprisings
  • Provide research assistance to ARI lead.
  • Conduct semi-structured interviews with a variety of civil society actors (grassroots activists, NGOs, think tanks, etc.) and relevant political elites.
  • Conduct semi-structured interviews with European stakeholders.
  • Delivery of interview transcripts and/or notes.

More broadly, the Research Fellow is expected to participate in a variety of internal scientific and coordination meetings within the EMRBACE consortium, and may be asked to participate in external meetings with key stakeholders and policy makers.

Applications / Profile of Applicants

The profile of the applicant(s) must meet the following requirements – all are Essential:

  • A proven track record in conducting research on democratization and authoritarian resilience issues in Algeria.
  • Knowledge of EU democratization policies in Algeria and EU cooperation with Algeria more broadly.
  • High command of English, Arabic, and French. The Research Fellow must be able to write at a professional and academic level in English.
  • Proven track record of writing policy briefs and research papers. The ability to deliver a range of written outputs (from research reports to issue briefs to op-eds) highly desirable.
  • Ability to conduct research independently, as well as work in a consortium setting and collaborative research project.
  • Team player who enjoys taking the initiative.
  • The Research Fellow is expected to have already earned or be working towards a PhD in political science or a related field.

The applicant should share their application by March 27,  2023 to with the email subject " ARF-EMBRACE " comprising of:

  • CV including list of publications
  • Letter of Motivation exposing how the applicant meets the qualifications, experience, and skills requirements
  • Samples of relevant research publications and/or policy reports (or links to publications)

We will only contact short-listed candidates. 

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