IT and Cybersecurity Consultant

Start date: As soon as possible
Duration: One-year contract (renewable)
Location: Beirut or Tunis preferred, other locations can be considered
Deadline to apply: 30 July 2024
Expected workload: Half time (around 50%)

The Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) is looking for an IT and Cybersecurity Consultant to join our team and support our day-to-day and operational activities. Their responsibilities will include developing and implementing ARI’s cybersecurity strategy, managing IT infrastructure and support, and ensuring the security of data, devices, and communications through robust policies and procedures.


ARI is a policy research center whose key mission is to articulate a home-grown agenda for democratic change as well as social and environmental justice in Arab countries. We operate on the principles of impartiality, gender equality, and diversity, and maintain a strict line of independence from any external agendas. We conduct policy analysis and innovative field research, combine scholarly work and advocacy, and produce practical intellectual tools to strengthen practices of active citizenship and influence political transformation processes. We also empower research from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by providing an international platform for dissemination. ARI engages academic researchers, think tanks, social movements, civil society actors, decision-makers, media, and the public on issues of democratization, social justice and full citizenship. ARI works in partnership with regional and international institutions to promote sustained South-South and South-to-North exchanges and dialogues related to reform initiatives across the region.
ARI has 22 staff based in a range of locations, including Paris, Beirut, and Tunis.

Role of the consultant


IT and Cybersecurity

  • Develop, communicate, and enforce ARI's cybersecurity policy.
  • Monitor ARI devices and software ensuring that they meet security standards and protocols.
  • Maintain anti-virus, anti-malware, and security products across ARI devices at the most current level.
  • Patch systems including OS and applications as soon as patches are published
  • Manage data access on ARI’s drives to ensure sensitive information is properly categorized and protected.
  • Ensure secure data storage practices, including encryption and backup solutions.
  • Establish and maintain a data recovery process to mitigate risks of data loss.
  • Manage and secure communication tools, including email configuration and online presence.
  • Develop and enforce physical security measures to protect IT infrastructure and sensitive data.
  • Develop and implement travel security protocols for employees traveling with organization devices.
  • Provide security awareness and skills refreshers to all employees to enhance overall cybersecurity posture (including increasing awareness of financial fraud and phishing attempts).
  • Implement and maintain a data retention policy that complies with legal and organizational requirements.
  • Ensure the organization's privacy notice is clear and provides choices for data subjects.

IT Infrastructure

  • Coordinate remote desktops and systems use between employees in all ARI offices
  • Address employee questions regarding computer systems such as Microsoft 365 and its composite applications and the Google Suite
  • Gather and analyze data to diagnose problems with computer systems
  • Change configurations, settings, and permissions to fix computer issues
  • Install new software and hardware drivers and update existing ones as needed

IT Support

  • Resolve IT support requests from employees
  • Generate sign-ins for new hires during the onboarding process and manage access to accounts (including termination of accounts when employees depart)
  • Update employees on the status of their service requests
  • Log all service requests and update tickets as needed
  • Manage the register of ARI’s IT assets Perform other IT-related tasks as necessary


  • Work experience in IT support and cybersecurity in MENA region.
  • Experience with cloud security solutions
  • Experience working in a multicultural environment
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English and Arabic. French language a plus
  • Commitment to positive and dynamic work relations and desire to help grow the organization.
  • Degree in relevant field (e.g., Computer Science, Information Technology, Cybersecurity).

Candidates meeting the above criteria are invited to submit a proposal by email to ARI at not later than July 30th. Reference should be given to the title of the position “IT Consultant” in the subject of the email.