Call for internship applications

Position: Intern
Reports to: ARI Research Fellow in Beirut
Location: Beirut ∙ Online
Duration: September 2022-February 2023
References: Intern-Social Protection

The Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) is a policy research centre whose key mission is to articulate a homegrown agenda for democratic change in Arab countries. It operates on the principles of impartiality, social justice, gender equality, and diversity. It conducts policy analysis and research, while providing a platform for inspirational voices and empowering young scholars and socially engaged youth. ARI is a hub for a network of Arab think tanks and works in partnership with international institutions. ARI engages academic research centres, think tanks, social movements, decision-makers, media and the public on issues of democratization and political transformation. ARI combines scholarly work and advocacy and produces practical intellectual tools to influence existing political transformation. It promotes sustained exchanges and dialogues on reform across the region and with outside partners.

Job profile

ARI is currently looking for an intern starting September 1, 2022 (for at least 6 months). The intern will work with the ARI Social Protection team on different outputs and activities of the Social Protection project and under the direct supervision of the Beirut Research Fellow who is leadig this project. The internship will combine a variety of skills, including project development, communications, administrative and logistical management, and research.


• Contribute research to the ARI project at hand, such as by wiritng a bawader and/or research paper on a related topic, in consultation with the ARI social protection team.
• Support the project’s research team in mapping institutions and organizations working on social protection issues or related fields, as well as mapping actual outputs, databases, inititaives, and activities in this regard in the Arab region.
• Developing a literature review on social protection in the Arab region (academic and practitioners/policy research around social protection coverage/expansion, the political economy of social protection, social movements/activism related to social protection, etc.)
• Work with the project’s communications consultant and with ARI’s communications team on consolidating and implementing the project’s media and communications strategy.
• Assist with the organization of ARI’s events, including conferences and workshops, under the project in question.
• Provide support as needed.

Person specification

• Candidates must be able to speak/read/write both English and Arabic to a professional level. Knowledge of French a plus.
• Self-motivated and autonomous in the workplace. ARI seeks interns who are able to both create their own work and build their niche within the association.
• Interns should have demonstrable experience in the field of social justice, economic development, social protection, and/or political economy.

Deadline: 20 August 2022
TO APPLY: Please send your CV and cover letter to with the subject line including the appropriate reference as above (Intern-Social Protection).