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Saudi Arabia’s (Bad) Options in Lebanon
Hariri's announcement of resignation from Riyadh was unanimously read as a showdown by Mohammed Bin Salman against Iranian manoeuvres through Lebanese Hezbollah. Now that he's back, Saudi Arabia has few options left in Lebanon.
Nayla Moussa
Can the NOC save Libya?
Azza Maghur provides an insight into the recent economic détente and the role the National Oil Corporation can play in reviving cooperation between political rivals for power in Libya.
Azza Kamel Maghur
Europe, not the United States, pays the price of failure in Syria
Russian President Putin has decided that Syria is part of Russia’s near abroad, no less than Ukraine it seems, a territory where some vital national interests are at stake. He has predicted the fecklessness of Western powers well. Whether he is deploying his arsenal in Syria to fight Daesh or to bolster Assad, by moving massive military presence into Syria he has made himself the one player that counts and has put himself in a position to call the shots. He does not have a strategy to end the conflict. But he has one that he thinks will guarantee Russia’s influence in this pivotal country while the West has no strategy to confront him.
Bassma Kodmani