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Previous Projects

Tahdir for Syria

Tahdir for Syria is a training programme made up of three rounds and aims to provide Syrian professionals with the tools to take an active part in the rebuilding of their country and be the agents of change of their own lives. It is designed to build capacity in three fields widely considered as fundamental to post-conflict reconstruction.

Living Constitutions

From 2012-2014, ARI convened discussions between Arab constitutional lawyers, sociologists, economists, political scientists and experts in conflict resolution as well as experts in comparative constitutional law, in order to discuss constitutional reform and its processes. The ultimate objective of the project was to promote the principle of constitutionalism, a dynamic and ongoing process that needs to be sustained after a constitution is adopted to help relate the text to the day-to-day practice of citizenship.

Security in Times of Transition

The construction of stable, accountable civil-military relations is essential for the transition to democracy, but this re-balancing of power relations can be very difficult to achieve while also guaranteeing public security. From 2011 to 2014, ARI analysed the challenges and options for protecting public security and handling security sector reform (SSR) during transition focusing in particular on Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia.


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