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Current Projects

Access to Information

Free access to information helps promote accountability and the rule of law, and helps citizens monitor their government. Most Arab countries deny access to information; however, some recent patterns suggest a degree of progress. In partnership with the ARI member organisation The Egyptian center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera), ARI through this project seeks to enhance citizens’ mobilisation to demand the freedom of information as a right, focusing specifically on Egypt.

Tahdir for Syria

Tahdir for Syria is a training programme made up of three rounds and aims to provide Syrian professionals with the tools to take an active part in the rebuilding of their country and be the agents of change of their own lives. It is designed to build capacity in three fields widely considered as fundamental to post-conflict reconstruction.

Legal Forum for Syria

Syrian lawyers and judges will be among the first group of professionals involved in the implementation of judicial and non-judicial mechanisms in the transitional process in Syria. They will carry in their practices the values of a modern justice system that will no longer be a tool for surveillance and punishment.

Arab Barometer

In the decade since its foundation in 2005, ARI has emerged as a leading institution in the measurement of the Arab democratic transition through its large-scale, cross-national quantitative research. ARI is a key partner in the Arab Barometer, a chapter of Global Barometer Surveys.


Amongst its strategic objectives, ARI seeks to open a space for informed dialogue between representatives of different communities of each state to reflect their desire to live together and define the governance mechanisms to manage inter-societal relations.