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Governance Structure

The Arab Reform Initiative is governed by a Plenary of its members and an Executive Committee.

The Plenary

  • sets ARI’s vision
  • oversees that the direction of work is in line with ARI’s goals
  • advises on possible programmatic lines of work
  • recruits new member institutions and individuals

The Plenary meets once a year. Bringing together policy research centres from across the Arab world, the Plenary operates as a network and it fosters, encourages and enhances collaborative efforts between members.

The Executive Committee

  • sets ARI’s strategy in accordance with its vision
  • ensures that ARI has the effective organisational planning to achieve its goals
  • oversees the Executive Director
  • approves the budget and provides financial oversight
  • determines, monitors, assesses and strengthens organisational programmes and services
  • ensures legal and ethical integrity and maintains accountability

The Executive Committee meets twice a year. Executive Committee members serve for a period of four years renewable and it is a non-remunerated role.

Plenary Members

Arab world Institutes

European and American Institutes

Individual Members

Executive Committee Members

  • Atallah Kuttab, Chairman
  • Nasser Djabi, Vice-Chairman
  • Maria Chatti, Treasurer
  • Hoda Elsadda, General Secretary
  • Hanin Ghaddar, Member