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Education Policies in Morocco: Can the Government Fix What It Broke?
After years of failed efforts to reform the education sector, Morocco must now ensure a comprehensive reshaping of its institutions to allow for a true implementation of its reform programme and reignite citizens' trust in the national education system. Read More
The Processes and Actors of the Democratic Transition
Course mentor: Asma Nouria Read More
The New Women’s Mobilization and Processes of National and Regional Diffusion
Course mentor: Hoda Elsadda Read More
Institutional Reform of State Agencies in the Arab Region
Course mentor: Amr Adly Read More
Origins, Evolution and Challenges to the Human Rights Movement in Tunisia
Focusing on the evolution and current challenges of the human rights movement in Tunisia, the paper assess its relationship with politics, the generational chasm among activists, and internal governance issues. Read More
Gaza: Possible Outcomes of Egypt, Hamas, and Dahlan Talks
The latest talks between Egypt, Hamas, and Mohammad Dahlan, while rather unexpected, have reignited the debate about the future of the Gaza Strip. However, Gaza's future remains ambiguous. This paper presents four possible outcomes from these recent talks. Read More
Rebuilding Security in Fragmented Societies
Paris, 8 September 2017 – Over 25 experts in security in the Middle East met to discuss the way forward from the fragmentation witnessed by the security and political orders in the region’s countries in conflict. Read More
A New Generation of Protests in Morocco? How Hirak al-Rif Endures
While similar structural factors underline the grievances of political protests in Morocco, the 20 February Movement and Hirak al-Rif in the north have taken different paths. Read More
The Evolution of Morocco’s Human Rights Movement
Mohamed Kadiri tackles the evolution of the human rights movement through studying the context and conditions under which human rights actors appeared and the influences that shaped their development, current challenges and could dictate their prospects. Read More
The Formal Birth of the Human Rights Movement in Egypt
While laying out a chronology of the birth and evolution of different human rights actors and their contribution to the movement, the paper sets the framework in which the work of human rights actors unfolds by dissecting four challenges. Read More