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The Problematics of Governance in the Human Rights Movement in Tunisia
Tunisian CSOs have played a prominent role in the field of human rights, especially after the 2011 revolution. However, they face structural and financial hurdles that prevent them from carrying out their activities in line with the principles of good governance. Read More
Saudi Arabia’s (Bad) Options in Lebanon
Hariri's announcement of resignation from Riyadh was unanimously read as a showdown by Mohammed Bin Salman against Iranian manoeuvres through Lebanese Hezbollah. Now that he's back, Saudi Arabia has few options left in Lebanon. Read More
Mohammed Bin Salman: The Remaking of the Foundations of Saudi Monarchy?

The meteoric rise to power of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) has effectively ended the dynastic model of the Saudi monarchy that the kingdom’s founder, Ibn Saud, conceived in 1932.

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Stage One of the UN Libya Action Plan: The Likelihood of Failure and the Need for Review
Two months after the launch of the UN Libya Action Plan, the House of Representatives and the High State Council failed to reach consensus on articles of the Libyan Political Agreement to be amended. This lack of consensus is an important indicator that should be taken into account before entering stage two. Read More
Legal Forum for Syria
Syrian lawyers and judges will be among the first group of professionals involved in the implementation of judicial and non-judicial mechanisms in the transitional process in Syria.
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Aleppo Christians: A Turbulent History and the Path Ahead
Restoring the damaged relationship between Christian and Muslims in Aleppo requires a lot from all sides but will not succeed under the current regime, and without a change in its relations with the Christian leadership. Read More
Unsolved Dilemmas: Issues of Internal Governance in Egypt’s Human Rights NGOs
The restrictive environment for civil society in Egypt has hindered the development of stronger internal governance mechanisms in many organizations. Other factors and dilemmas have also played a role. Read More
Social Movements and Demands, and Contentious Politics in the Arab Region
Course mentor: Dina el-Khawaga and Choukri Hmed Read More
The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Movement: From Pillar of Monarchy to Enemy of the State
Jordanian state intelligence fight against the Muslim Brotherhood as the only force capable of challenging the monarchy led to internal divisions but is preventing the regime from engaging with the sole coherent political voice in the country. Read More
Security in the Context of Transition and Conflict
Course mentor: Nayla Moussa Read More