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#GlobalSyria | Roundtable 1: How the Voices of Syrians Reached the World
Global Syria Launch Forum - Institute du Monde Arab (Paris) - 13 April 2018 Read More
Making Use of a Revolutionary Moment: The Impact of Human Rights Organizations in Post-revolutionary Egypt
Human rights organizations were able to seize a favourable momentum to achieve success on some issues in the aftermath of 2011. The chances of such success are very slim if the current wave of repression continues. Read More
#GlobalSyria | Closing Statement: Dr. Bassma Kodmani
Closing Statement: Dr. Bassma Kodmani Read More
The Syrian Diaspora in the Aftermath of 2011
This workshop brought together researchers from various backgrounds to present the outcomes of field-informed studies on the economic and social dynamics of the Syrian diaspora. Read More
Politics of Recognition and Denial: Minorities in the MENA Region
Paris, 22 May – The event will focus on the origins and development of the idea of “minority” in the Middle East and North Africa. It will present three case studies from Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia. Read More
Yemen’s Federal Alternative: A Path to an Enduring Peace?
Yemen’s experience with a decentralized government system as a way to prevent the monopoly of power has been repeatedly interrupted. Can the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and a draft constitution opting for a federal state ensure the path to an enduring peace? Read More
Tunisia: Human Rights Organizations and the State
The state’s attempts at confronting the consequences of economic failures in Tunisia has translated into clashes with successive social protests in ways that have violated fundamental rights. Read More
Eminent Figures of Syrian Diaspora Launch Civil Initiative

On 13 April 2018, a group of eminent figures of the Syrian diaspora, women and men, launched Global Syria, a civil initiative that includes representatives from all facets of Syrian society whose main objective is to reach out to and open opportunities for all Syrians wherever th

Read More
Human Rights and the State in Morocco: Impact of the 20 February Movement
The 2011 movement has revitalized the human rights approach to politics and social problems, and culminated a decades-long struggle to peacefully and gradually move to a social rights-based contract with the state. Such a state of affairs no longer seems far off. Read More
Podcast: The Challenges Facing Social Mobilization in Egypt
In the aftermath of the 2011 uprising, the Arab Reform Initiative launched a series of studies that captured the spirit of the Tahrir gatherings and the social mobilization that flourished during the window of opportunity that briefly opened.
Read More