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Tunisia’s Local Elections: Entrenching Democratic Practices
The paper shows how the low turnout and Tunisians’ growing disenchantment with the political elite preserved the dominance of Ennahdha and Nidaa Tounes, but stresses municipal elections remain a cornerstone in consolidating democracy at the local level. Read More
The 2018 Arab Elections: Between Citizens’ Disenchantment and Mobilization

Since the 2011 popular protests, the elections in Tunisia, Iraq and Lebanon can be seen as “freer” elections in the Arab world, not least because they haven’t taken place under an autocratic regime.

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Jordan’s Week of Protests Signals Key Change in Power Balance
Protests against the new income tax law have highlighted profound shifts in the Jordanian state's relationship with the business community as a new and influential component of society. Read More
ARI held international expert meeting on security frameworks, transition and inclusion
ARI held a closed meeting in June in Tunis to explore emerging trends in the Arab world and discuss experiences in mediation and conflict resolution. Read More
The Impact of the Human Rights Movement in Tunisia: Between Legislation and Practice (2010-2016)
The human rights movement in Tunisia has actively participated in drafting bills and lobbied for policy reform, but with varying degrees of success as to the impact of the tools and mechanisms used in the post-revolution environment. Read More
Brochure 2017: Carving Out a Distinct Position

ARI has established a strong reputation for the quality and exclusivity of publications and events.

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Brochure 2015: Celebrating ARI’s 10th Anniversary
As some Arab countries plunge into a cycle of violence, ARI’s commitment to maintaining democratic spaces for the expression of human decency and dignity is stronger than ever. Read More
ARI 10th Anniversary: Going Forward
For the past decade, ARI has been building expertise and a cross-national network of researchers, policy-makers, and stakeholders who are committed to the political transformation of the region.
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ARI 10th Anniversary Conference Report
The Young Ones: From Dreamers to Actors Read More
Law n°10 on Reconstruction: A Legal Reading of Organized Mass Expropriation in Syria
With the introduction of Law No.10, the Syrian government is set to enter a worrying stage of illegal expropriation of property with wider implications for the future of Syria. Read More