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Blessed Investors and Cursed Refugees: A Reading of Syrian Presence in Jordan
Syrians in Jordan share many of their difficult living conditions with the rest of Jordanians, but the authorities would likely prefer wealthy Syrians to return home but keep their capital invested in Jordan, fearing its withdrawal would seriously harm the economy. Read More
Mapping the Syrian Diaspora: A Global Player in the Reconstruction of Syria
It is important for the Syrian diaspora to unite now and unlock the soft power it holds and shifts part of the decision-making power of outside players to its side. Read More
The Syrian Diaspora, Old and New
The Syrian diaspora has only started to measure its own importance but has yet to organize with the conscious aim to become the strategic player and partner it can be for the international community to help Syria on its long road to recovery. Read More
Gulf Countries as a Destination for Syrian Financial Capital: The Case of the United Arab Emirates
Syrians in the UAE work in various economic sectors. They organized in response to political change in Syria before and after 2011 and were affected by it, impacting their views on reconstruction in Syria. Read More
Lebanese Communities Abroad: Feeding and Fuelling Conflicts
Lebanese diaspora communities are heavily engaged in their country’s economic and political development but their involvement does not challenge the nature of Lebanon’s sectarian-based model of governance. Read More
The Palestinian Diaspora and the State-Building Process
Transnational Palestinian diaspora elites simultaneously shape and are shaped by the state-building process, resulting in policies that consider the diaspora as a resource for the homeland, as a new category of expatriates began to return. Read More
Syrians in Turkey: Groupings, Fractures and a Floundering Civil Society
The Syrian elite in Turkey was not immune from the conflict situation in the homeland, but has continued to provide support for Syrians within Syria, and looks forward to participating in all aspects of reconstruction in post-conflict Syria. Read More
The Syrian Diaspora in Lebanon: Between a Lack of Policy and a Policy of Alienation
After pushing out qualified Syrians with the potential to alleviate the refugee burden, Lebanon is left with the poorest and the least educated ones. The current restrictions on associations also prevent any Syrian political formation from taking shape in Lebanon. Read More
Mapping Syrian Skills in the Gulf: The Case of Qatar
The paper reviews Syrian emigration to the Arab oil-producing countries before and after the outbreak of the Syrian revolution and examines its characteristics and the position of its elite groups with regard to the future reconstruction of Syria. Read More
Syrians in Egypt: Major Financial Investments in a Volatile Context
Al-Sisi's rise to power changed the official discourse towards Syrians but the evolution of the situation in Syria plays a role in reshaping how the owners of capital will invest in Syria after the end of the conflict. Read More