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Islamists and Rights Activists in Egypt: The Potential for Convergence
In today’s tough human rights and political context in Egypt, will the relationship between rights activists and Islamists, propelled by the rise of a new generation of actors, move from animosity to cooperation? Read More
Policing the Digital Sphere: The Impact of Palestine’s Cybercrime Legislation
The case of the cybercrime law and civil society’s reaction to it highlights a crisis of legitimacy in the PA and the need for an overdue political renewal. Read More
Europe Is the Key Player in Syria: An Alternative Template for Transition
The European Union today holds the key to reintegrating Syria into the international fold or denying the Assad regime a victory and maintaining its isolation. Read More
Tunisian Engaged Youth: New Approaches to Political Action
This Tunis Policy Dialogue explored the modes of action and new forms of engagement of Tunisian youth as alternative practices to political action, and the profound rupture between activist youth and the traditional political sphere. Read More
Tunisia: Human Rights Organizations, Political Islam and its Groups
An analysis of the changes during the drafting of the 2014 Constitution offers a more nuanced view of the complex and ongoing interactions between Islamic movements and human rights in Tunisia. Read More
Palestinian Centre Under Threat of Closure

While PCPSR (Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research) needs support very much, what is needed most is a greater support for Palestinian civil society which is becoming less pluralistic day by day.

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The Human Rights Movement in Morocco: The Dialectic of Influence
The 2011 uprising changed the structure of the rights movement in Morocco and contributed to widening the human rights base, both in discursive terms as well as in sheer numbers of supporters and defenders. Read More
Tahdir for Syria 2

The Tahdir for Syrian project will prepare young professional Syrians to take on an active role in working towards a peaceful, democratic, and inclusive Syria with transparent and accountable governmental institutions.

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L'économie tunisienne en période de transition
La corruption et le copinage ont participé à l'installation d'un climat délétère, peu propice à l'investissement et donc à la création d'emplois. Read More
La HAICA et la régulation de l’audiovisuel tunisien : La concertation pour sortir de l’impasse
Prise dans les feux croisés des passions politiques, La HAICA a souvent du mal à s’imposer dans un espace audiovisuel où la liberté de s’exprimer et d’entreprendre confine à l’excès quand elle se fait au détriment de la déontologie et de la saine concurrence. parviendra-t-elle à fonctionner d’une manière autonome et efficace ? Read More