ARI at COP28

As we take on the global stage at COP28 in Dubai, we mark an important moment in our role as advocates for environmental policy reforms in the MENA region and promoters of the importance of achieving a just environmental transition.

Our participation represents more than simply a physical presence; it represents our steadfast commitment in the face of serious climate challenges. ARI's participation in this COP (Conference of Parties) demonstrates our dedication to bringing local environmental challenges to the forefront of international attention.

ARI's EPP team at the Climate Justice 2023 camp


We intend to show an increasing understanding of the MENA region's environmental concerns and the essential role grassroots voices play in forging global solutions. Our physical presence at COP28 is more than an opportunity; it is a responsibility to amplify marginalized voices and works towards meaningful change for a more equitable and sustainable future.

Our objectives at this COP:

  • We aim to connect with a diverse array of voices, encompassing a broad spectrum of think-tanks, NGOs, and activists, to gain a multifaceted understanding of the crucial issues impacting the MENA region.
  • We aim to elucidate and advocate for the concept of Just Environmental Transition (JET) as the foundational framework for addressing climate and environmental challenges.
  • We want to amplify the voices of youth advocates working on JET in the region by sharing their policy recommendations and research findings.

Connect with us at COP28!


We are partnering with passionate individuals, including journalists, researchers, and activists, who are eager to collaborate and amplify the voices of youth climate advocates in the Arab region.

Whether you would like to co-organize a virtual event, take part in our post-COP28 Environmental podcast, or want reflections on the COP from one of our experts, fill out this form to express your interest and learn more about how you can be a part of our journey at COP28.