2023 Non-Resident Fellows

ARI’s second cohort of Non-Resident Fellows focuses on similar themes and countries and brings different points of view and analyses to the table:

  • International Interventions for Social Protection in Yemen: Limitations, Results and Prospects
  • Judges’ movement in Tunisia
  • Coalition Building Amon Syrian Detainees and Survivors’ Groups
  • The Economy of Transitions and It’s Impact on Democratic Transformation in Sudan
  • The Urbanization of Climate Justice in Egypt
  • Algerian Youth Engagement after the Hirak Movement
  • Social Protection in Morocco: A sociological study of health hand illness inequality patterns ü
  • Climate Change and Water Justice in Morocco
  • Social Justice and the Tunisian Islamist Milieu
  • Professional Associations in Algeria: The limits of practice after the Hirak

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Saida Ounissi (Tunisia)

Tamer Elshayal (Egypt)

Mohamed Haddad (Tunisia)

Zakaria Ibrahimi (Morocco)

Marianna Al-Tabba (Syria)

Zine Labidine Ghebouli (Algeria)

Osama Abu Bakr (Sudan)

Ahmad Alhassab (Yemen)

Abdelhadi El Halouli (Morocco)

Fatiha Zamamouche (Algeria)

Hossam el-Hamalawy (Egypt)

Karim Safieddine (Lebanon)