2021-2022 Non-Resident Fellows

“It was a privilege to host such a diverse and dynamic group of fellows who worked on a wide range of issues from Morocco to Yemen. Their varied outputs – from policy briefs to podcasts - reflect their energy and their desire to engage with a broader audience.”

- Nadim Houry, Executive Director

ARI’s first cohort of Non-Resident Fellows focused on thematic issues such as

  • Civil society in power and the Algerian Hirak - Mechanisms of containment and submission
  • An Assessment of Current Environmental Policies and Laws in Yemen
  • Hospital Infrastructure in Egypt
  • Feminist Legal Activism in Post-2011 Egypt: Advancing Women’s Rights in Restrictive Environments
  • The presence and absence or invisibility of women in certain forms of social, political, and economic mobilization.
  • Coming of age in conflict; Libyan case study


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Asma Khalifa (Libya / Youth)

Reem Awny Abuzaid (Egypt / Feminism)

Dris Nouri (Algeria / Social Protection)

Sana Benbelli (Morocco / Feminism)

Hisham Nagi (Yemen / Environment)

Mohamed Gad (Egypt / Economy)

“I am proud I have ARI’s endorsement as a marker in my professional tenure. Being part of a growing network of high-profile experts and researchers in the Arab region is a great addition to my record as a researcher and academic”- Reem Abuzaid

“The ARI team is not only actively involved in my deliverables but also helped me enlarge my network in the region by facilitation meeting with various experts and stakeholders”. – Mohamed Gad